How to enter iScape

To enter the iScape world in the Active Worlds Educational Universe (Eduverse) you need to

  • download the free Eduverse 3-D browser from
  • Install it by double clicking the eduverse.exe file.

  • Hint:
    The 3-D browser is a PC-based software. Minimal system requirements are:
    PC Users:  Processor (greater than 133MHz recommended), Windows 95/98/NT, 16 megs of RAM (32 megs recommended), 50 megs disk space, 256 color display (16 bit color recommended).
    Mac Users: OS 8.0 or better running PC emulation software. G3 or iMac recommended.
    Of course, the faster your machine and your connection the better!
  • Launch the browser by double-clicking on the Eduverse icon on your desktop. Alternatively, you can also launch the browser by clicking on the Windows Start button, selecting Programs, then going to the Eduverse group and selecting Eduverse.
  • After launching the browser, you will first see a splash screen briefly as the browser is connecting to the system. Once a connection has been established, this screen will disappear automatically.

    If this is your first visit to Eduverse, the welcome dialog will now come up. Enter your username and password, enter your email address, and and  press the Okay button. If you do not have a valid citizenship then you can still enter iScape as a Tourist.  You will be instantly transported to Eduverse!

    The left panel of the Eduverse browser shows a list of worlds. Double-click "iScape" world (you may need to scroll down) and you will be teleported to the iScape entrance hall.

    You may like to try NetMeeting to get a real audio connection to the party. Just start it via Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> NetMeeting. And dial to connect to my machine here.

    iScape is maintained by Katy Börner <> at SLIS, Indiana University.