Welcome Party on April 20, 2000

To participate in the iScape Welcome party you need to enter the iScape world in Active Worlds Educational Universe. Click here for information on how to do this.

There are information on how to move around and how to communicate / chat in Eduverse available as well. Note that you can't go through walls nor fly in iScape.

List of Places:

  • 4:00p Free fruit cocktails in the iScape entrance hall - learning how to move, to chat, and to talk via NetMeeting.
  • 4:15 Visit of Research (12.5N 11E) and Teaching (12N 11W) area, and the iScape Library (17S 11.5E).
  • 4:25 Design contest in the exploratorium (12S 11W).
  • 5:00 Photo session in the entrance hall.
  • List of Participants:
    It's always nice to know your virtual pals - here will be a list of our officially registered party guests:

    Robert Appelman, Instructional Systems Technology  <appelman@indiana.edu>
    Tomas A Beauchamp, Department of Environmental Health and Safety <tbeaucha@indiana.edu>
    Katy Börner, SLIS <katy@indiana.edu>
    Hosang Cheon, Telecommunications <hcheon@indiana.edu>
    Deborah Horn, SLIS <dahorn@indiana.edu>

    Thomas Hunt, Telecommunications <thunt@indiana.edu>
    Kurt Squire, School of Education <ksquire@indiana.edu>
    Tyler Waite, SLIS <twaite@indiana.edu>

    Tourists are welcome :)

    iScape is maintained by Katy Börner <katy@indiana.edu> at SLIS, Indiana University.